• Singer
  • Choir director
  • Theater maker/player
  • Backing vocalist

Although she only recently graduated with a Master in singing and theatre, Aalex has already fulfilled several artistic dreams.

She has always been a busy bee. With hobbies such as music, dancing and youth movement her schedule was well planned out. At 15, she auditioned at de! kunsthumaniora in Antwerp for jazz singing. Next to regular high school classes, she also had an elaborate music education.

In 2010 she entered the contest ‘Studio 100 band zoekt stem’, with succes. She toured around Flanders and the Netherlands with de Studio 100 band for two years, experiencing scripts, photo/video shoots, managers, etc for the first time. 

Meanwhile she finished high school and continued her studies at the Conservatory of Maastricht where she got her Bachelors degree in 2016. This was also the year she won the culture prize ‘promising debutante’ in her hometown Heist-op-den-Berg. She continued her studies at the conservatory with a custom made Master in theater and music, where she graduated cum laude in 2018. 

Featuring and performing in several different bigbands, choirs, coverbands, theatre plays and orchestra’s, she developed a wide range of repertoire and sound. Throughout the years she took interest in everything concerning performing arts and educated herself in them, by taking classes in dance, theatre, acting, speech therapy and stage performance. Harmonising is one of her favourite things in music, so next to directing several choirs, she also sings in Erik Vinkens Choir; Jubilé in Herenthout.

Having a minor in Music Management she helped organise plenty of festivals, workshops, performances and party’s.

“I hope I can keep developing myself in the performing arts, and experience as many different things as I possibly can.”

Aalex Vertommen
Belgium, AntwerpAntwerpen zanger gezocht